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A few months ago I promised to upload the second of a pair of antique and frankly low-res MMORPG videos I had rattling around on my hard-drive, both of sunsetted, much-beloved MMORPGs. This second video was actually a public stream. In 2010, one of my guildies, Zaphir, won a major architect mission contest developed by City of Heroes’ Paragon Studios, earning the right to have his work permanently featured in the tool (though I think he was more enthused about his special nametag). I was so proud of him and so in love with the mission creation system — really, it brought my guild back for a long run in City of Heroes, a run of the kind we hadn’t had since WoW — that I ran a stream for Massively to discuss his work as he and I, along with Massively’s City of Heroes columnist Eliot Lefebvre and several of my guildies, ran the content.

The stream was horribly chunky, but the audio discussion as we played recorded crystal clear, and I am so glad I have a copy of this (Twitch and AOL have long since lost it). It’s interesting to hear our debate over the system and the game as a whole in that period right after Going Rogue launched. It was also the first public stream I ever did, so it’s fun to see how shy (and obsessively overprepared with questions and topics) I was then compared to now!


(By the by, during that stream, I was playing my favorite toon, an Earth/Storm Controller called Morrowind — yeah, I named her Morrowind, if that gives you any idea how excited I am for Elder Scrolls Online’s Morrowind stuff and housing — so excited I did another video over on Massively OP recapping the whole history of housing for the franchise. My new videos aren’t even terrible!)

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  1. Wolfyseyes says:

    Ah, the Architect. Oh how many farm groups I ran. I actually used it to push my first-ever Warshade to 50 during one of the double XP weekends they held. So grindy, but so worth it to see everything that class could do.

    …boy I miss that archetype.

  2. Azzura/Miri says:

    <3 – Oh how I miss this game *cries*

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