Paul and Bree live outside Philadelphia, Pennsylvania — our fourth “home” state in 15 years, thanks to academia. We’ve been all over! We have two kidlets, Duncan and Coraline, and we’ve got a grouchy old Maine Coon cat named Rygel too, though she’s now off keeping grampa company.

Paul’s got a PhD in astrophysics and teaches at Haverford College; Bree’s the former Editor-in-Chief of Massively.com and the current owner and Editor-in-Chief of Massively Overpowered. Yes, we look at stars and write about video games. It’s awesome.

We both belong to and help lead Jademoon, an online gaming guild that’s been around since 1997. They are the best.

We’re not too keen on social media, but Bree does occasionally post to Twitter about game-related goodies.