In 2015, AOL decided to shutter the long-running and incredibly popular Joystiq network, including the blog I ran, Massively, and its sister site, WoW Insider. Undaunted, my team founded Massively Overpowered, better known as MassivelyOP, which to this day continues to cover the massively multiplayer online roleplaying game genre. The site was Kickstarted by our readers and remains partly crowdfunded through Patreon.

Bree’s current work on MassivelyOP (beginning with the site’s founding in 2015)

Justin Olivetti and I continue to host a MMORPG-themed podcast together; we picked up where Massively Speaking left off with a new cast called the Massively OP Podcast.

I continue to sneak mini-soapboxes into The Daily Grind, and I now host a crowdfunding-centric column, Make My MMO, in addition to Massively Overthinking, Ask Mo, the long-running MMO Week in Review, and my signature MMO opinion column, Working As Intended.

Favorite pieces
‘Multiplex monotony’ and the death of the mid-budget MMORPG
Two decades of Elder Scrolls housing
Westworld is a sandbox MMORPG on your TV
A tour of 19-year-old Ultima Online
Busting up the MMORPG nostalgia party
The fate of the MMORPG genre
What Star Wars Galaxies got wrong
Sex, love, and MMOs
Ten lessons I learned from classic Guild Wars
Six things I expect from serious MMO PvP
2016 awards debrief
Was Star Wars Galaxies really that great?
Why MMOs still need traditional chat
If Star Wars Galaxies is so smart, why ain’t it rich?
The trouble with roleplaying in MMORPGs
The absurd advantages of MMO guilds

Bree’s past work on Massively (before the site’s closure in 2015) – Please note that since AOL merged a lot of our old work into Frankengadget, some of the links here still need fixing, including this one — I have a byline on Engadget now, but not a direct link to all of my work, irritatingly.

Massively Speaking – I began co-hosting the show in January 2012; earlier appearances included episodes 134, 122, 117, and 109

Working As Intended (editorial column I started in 2014)
The MMOs we lost in 2014
Niche MMOs vs. the everything box
But I already have that game
Lessons from the history of MMO housing
The unfortunate conflation of sandboxes and PvP
It’s not the journey or the destination
The forgotten fields of Green Acres
Dabbling in indie sandbox Villagers and Heroes
What Guild Wars 2 got wrong
Change for change’s sake in World of Warcraft
There’s nothing wrong with soloing in MMORPGs
What Guild Wars 2 got right
Endgame is the worst thing that ever happened to MMOs

Other Columns
Ask Massively – Where I tackle letters to the editor
The Week in Review – I chronicle our top posts every Sunday evening
The Daily Grind – My favorite mini-Soapbox
Betawatch – Keeping an eye on MMO betas
Not So Massively – Keeping an eye on pseudo-MMOs
The Think Tank – Staff roundtables

Other favorite pieces
Massively’s 2014 awards
Camelot Unchained’s Mark Jacobs on the warrior class and development transparency
WoW, Guild Wars 2, and ArcheAge are ZergID users’ top games
Camelot Unchained emphasizes horizontal progression, won’t rule out story
Camelot Unchained’s territory control isn’t just for uberguilds
Camelot Unchained plans a robust, anti-mule crafting economy
Camelot Unchained will feature a customizable ‘component combat’ system
Camelot Unchained isn’t ‘recreating WoW’ with its magic system
Camelot Unchained’s use-based stat system will trade grind for immersion
Pathfinder Online’s Ryan Dancey on crowdforging a ‘minimum viable product’
Brad McQuaid on Pantheon’s partnership with Shroud of the Avatar
Massively’s Best of 2013 Awards
Ten things to love and hate about Path of Exile
The dilemma of the free-to-play sandbox
Second Wind: Ultima Online
Everyone’s a potential traitor… even you: WildStar’s Dominion faction
You can’t take the sky from me: WildStar’s Exiles
Slap a rocket on a pig: WildStar’s modding and PGC community
The ‘biggest game on the planet’: WildStar’s boundless ambition
WildStar reveals 2013 launch window, ambitious plans to make MMOs fun again
Massively’s Best of 2012 Awards
Ten things to do in City of Heroes before it’s gone
TERA’s Chris Hager explains server merges and game health
Massively’s launch guide to Guild Wars 2
Exclusive Allods Online interview on health, housing, heroes, and horizons
MMO Blender: Bree’s big-budget sandbox
Excelsior! The cheerful insanity of the Guild Wars 2 Asura
Making the ‘jump’ from Guild Wars to Guild Wars 2
Why I Play: City of Heroes
Massively’s guide to SWTOR’s launch and beyond
SWTOR: So you want to play a Jedi Knight
Ten things to do in Star Wars Galaxies before it’s gone
Ultima Online celebrates 14 years
Off the rails: Star Wars Galaxies introduces atmospheric flight
Exclusive: Smedley on the sunsetting of Star Wars Galaxies
The Soapbox: The Uncle Owen paradox
Marvel Universe Online will be free-to-play, penned by Bendis
The Soapbox: Time is money, friend
The Soapbox: Sandboxes and the cop-out of FFA PvP
Hands-on with SWTOR’s Jedi Knight on Tython
Saturday Livestream: City of Heroes’ mission architect
Hands-on with Rift: Planes of Telara at Gamer Day II
Massively interviews BioWare on SWTOR’s crafting and PvP
Hero up! Hands-on with Marvel Super Hero Squad Online
Massively’s hands-on with End of Nations’ PvE and PvP
Massively’s hands-on with Rift: Planes of Telara’s dynamic content
Still clicking: Our exclusive interview with the Mythos dev team
Massively exclusive interview: Dawntide’s Martin “Wiz” Anward
Exclusive: Aika’s Ashes of Betrayal interview
Exclusive: SOE talks Clone Wars Adventures
Exclusive WWII Online: Battleground Europe team interview
Super Hero Squad Online: No more “nameless sidekicks”

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