Bree’s modding exploits, now all in one place! :)

THE SIMS — I founded a Sims 1 mod site called Juniper Sun back in 2001; it eventually became a Sims 2 mod site. I haven’t actually done much on the creation end of Sims 3 as it just took up too much of my time, but I do play occasionally. I was primarily known in the community for making Asian-inspired homes, artwork, and wallpaper, and in my Sims 1 days I was also an object maker, pioneering items like skylights, window walls, and backless art.

THE ELDER SCROLLS — Paul and I have both been Elder Scrolls addicts since college. In fact, Daggerfall was the very first RPG I played. Some time after Oblivion released, I got interested in the middle game, Morrowind, all over again, and I taught myself how to mod up a few cute little houses, which are hosted on Planet Elder Scrolls Morrowind Nexus. For Skyrim, I’ve done one little mod related to my biggest video game pet peeve: terrible grammar!

SPORE — It’s almost silly to call creatures and buildings made for Spore “mods” since that’s basically what amounts to content in the game. Still, I did my best to take my Sims style over to Spore and create some pagodas and pyramids and even a Thai temple dog for the game, adding my creations (and a few of Paul’s!) to the almost 200,000,000 uploads on Sporepedia.

STAR WARS GALAXIES — Before the sunset of SWG, my characters owned not one but two diners; unfortunately, the default textures for the diner were fairly poor and low-res. I set about retexturing the diner for my own use, getting so caught up in the project that I made 13 reskins of the whole interior, along with a few common furniture items to match. My mod pack is (for the moment) still hosted on — maybe it’ll be of use to emulator players!