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Star Wars: The Old RepublicBlog posts that talk about why you’ve not posted (and that assume anyone even cares) kinda suck, so instead I’m just going to show off where I have been posting. In November, not only did I lend my voice to another Massively Speaking podcast, but I got back-to-back day-long hands-on sessions with two games: Rift and Star Wars: The Old Republic. My hands on with Rift is actually my second one (the first being last summer), and the buzz for the game is escalating. It’s a very traditional game that follows more in EverQuest II’s and Warhammer Online’s footsteps more than in WoW’s, but it’s still one of the very best MMOs due out next year. The real question is whether anyone will make time for it once SWTOR and Guild Wars 2 arrive!

Star Wars is really my “thing,” though. My preview of The Old Republic won’t be out until next month (darn embargoes) but I did get in a couple of interviews with Very Important People while I was there. In the meantime, I’ll just say that the game is ME2 plus Star Wars plus awesome plus your friends, and leave it at that.

Last but not least, earlier this weekend I hosted a livestream showing off City of Heroes (in what was probably my last meaty foray into the game for a while, thanks to the coming Cataclysm). With me were Massively’s CoH columnist and several Jademoon guildies, including the one whose award-winning player-generated content mission served as the inspiration for and focus of the livestream. If you’re into PGC systems or superhero MMOs, it’s worth a peek — in fact, it’s worth a listen too!

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